Chapter 1: Born From Greed

Cereal and such was born from Greed. As a child I was incredibly greedy. I loved sweets. I could not get enough of it. My mother would say in Yoruba, " Sugar ti, Fo L'Ori", which translates to, sugar is on his brain. And it was.

I would put loads of sugar in tea. I would put sugar in my cereal and over time I began to suffer migraines because of my poor nutrition. And so by exploring and trying to understand why I was so compelled by the sugar is what gave birth to Cereal and Such.

I opened my cereal bar in 2017 and it was the first time I was able to watch the thing that I obsessed over. I got to put on display the thing I obsessed over. And so by opening that obsession for the world to see, I was able to understand where it derived from. In that I was able to explore and ask questions.

When children would come to my cereal bar and eat cereal, I felt very uncomfortable. A lot of the emotions that I didn't realize were coming to the surface. And I wanted to explore why?



The Long Walk Home

Where You Reflect on all that has Occurred.

Where you come to a deep Understanding that you can’t quite put into words.

It is neither a good nor a bad Experience. But it is a Quiet one. A Reflective One.

Because you know when you get back to the place you originally left.

You will be seeing it all with completely new eyes.

A Collection of Songs I Wrote & Produced over the course of this Season.
Enjoy & Thank you - TM


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Words are poor form of Communication. One word holds many different connotations to many different people. There's no way differentiate the words without first establishing what the word means to the speaker and the listener. That alone takes effort and time more than the words may justify. So what's the work around? Limit words? Possibly. Use precise language? Likely, but you'll run into a similar issue as I mentioned above. What does not require effort are Feelings. The Feeling of listening to music, the Feeling of Excitement, Sadness, Joy. Those Feelings are inexplainable - you just know.

So how do we Communicate through our Feelings? If I am feeling pure Joy I don't want my Joy to be diluted to mean anything other than that Feeling. And if I do then I chip away at the Essence of an emotion to relate to a blanketed term. That's backwards.

So that begs the question: "How Does One Communicate Efficiently, with the knowledge that words are a poor form?"

I woke up this morning, peered out my bedroom window and said, "Okay, I get another day to do it all over again".


Directed by Theo Martins

Animation & Motion by Andrew Pulig

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