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Designed to simplify the use of storage and to offer eye candy during your bathroom’s lull moments.

Toilet Paper Holders are available in the shop now. Available in two colors.



The only thing that you have is your Art. If you are an Artist, it's the only thing you have. Without that you are technically dead. The Art is what allows you to have something to hold on, to identify yourself with, commodify, et cetera. And then there's another level where you use it and you see the effects of it by just simply being yourself.

But there's another layer beyond that. And it is just the absolute. It's the Kobe Bryant mentality: I'm going to die every time I step on this court - that sort of mentality. And when done with sincerity, it is an unstoppable force.

And I think in any capacity to like recognize your art, it's a profound thing. And it is very impactful, but if you truly want to live and almost be an astonishment of what you are and all the things that influence you and inspire you, the only way to really understand that is to dive into it, period, like be willing to actually lose all the air in your lungs in order to see it with your own eyes.


New flows


In Navy. Now in the shoppe 



Tees now in the shop. Any purchase of this tee
comes included with my new song, "Parachutes".

Few things:

- We are now accepting Bitcoin c/o Coinbase. Same business as usual.

- We have partnered with Sezzle to offer interest free pay installments. Break your purchase down into 4 interest-free payments.

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We’ve found our way of sustainably dealing with shipping

We’ve found our way of sustainably dealing with shipping.

I think we have all seen an increase in online shopping greatly within the last year. As a small business we’ve pondered on how we can efficiently balance the excitement of creation and execution with shipping & delivery. It’s important we get those right. So here’s the deal:

Orders are fulfilled the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. Our standard shipping will remain complimentary for our subscribers. Should you prefer to receive your order sooner than our fulfillment days you are welcome to pay for expediting your order.

This process allows us to operate within our bandwidth and use resources adequately. Secondly and most importantly with the growth of Cereal & Such we are reminded of the important of maintaining a fresh and interesting product.

We have factored our products and cereal into our production process so that our quality and taste maintain their essence. If you have noticed we have been testing out this fulfillment process over the last few months :)

Our focus is on our community. We’ll be rolling out members-only benefits and discounts for our subscribers.

Thanks & Happy New Year

- Theo Martins

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